Dear Residents, Families and Friends of Kirkhaven,

Twice weekly COVID-19 testing of all employees continues in accordance with Governor Cuomo’s Executive order on November 10, 2020.  Today we received results for three employees (1 contract, 1 security/maintenance and 1 nursing) who tested positive for COVID-19 on November 25th, 23rd and 20th respectively.  The contract employee has not worked in the last 10 days and tested negative the last day worked.  Therefore no exposure occurred.  The security employee did not have any contact with residents and therefore no exposure occurred.  All three of the employees have been furloughed and will not return to work until 14 days have passed and a negative COVID-19 result is received.  Over the past week, the nursing employee has provided services (while wearing a surgical mask, face-shield, gown and gloves) to a number of residents who reside on all four (4) of our households.

Due to the employee test results, the following actions are being taken:

  • In-person visitation will not resume this week as anticipated and will remain suspended until further notice. Hospice and End of Life visits will be permitted in accordance with Federal and State regulations.  Please contact your assigned social worker for details.
  • All four households will remain quarantined for an additional 14 days. All staff working on these households will continue to wear personal protective equipment (PPE): gowns, gloves, masks and face-shields when providing care to residents.  Residents are encouraged to limit activities to their room or assigned household, wear face covering as tolerated and socially distance if out of their room.
  • Residents and any roommate of a resident who received care from the positive nursing employee will be tested today, November 30th and again on Monday, December 7th.  
  • The remainder of the residents who were not exposed will be tested tomorrow, December 1st and then again Tuesday, December 8th.

We continue to follow rigorous infection prevention and control procedures. These include handwashing and wearing gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE).  Universal masking policies remain in place – all employees must wear a surgical mask in all areas of our building and when within 6 feet of another individual.  Furthermore, we remain vigilant with the frequency of disinfecting high use areas and have placed alcohol-based hand sanitizer in resident rooms and common areas for use by residents and staff.

We remain committed to communicating changes in our facility COVID 19 status as well as any adjustments made to our infection control and visitation policy.

Zoom and FaceTime visits are still available by appointment.  Please call your designated Social Worker, the House Manager or email: to schedule a virtual visit.

Currently, we do not have any residents presenting with COVID-19 related signs or symptoms. We continue to closely monitor both residents and staff throughout the entire facility for symptoms consistent with COVID-19.    Authorized representatives of residents testing positive for COVID-19 will be updated directly by phone upon receipt of positive results, ongoing on a daily basis until recovery and promptly upon a change in the resident’s condition.

In compliance with New York State Department of Health guidelines, we will update residents, authorized family members and guardians once per week on the number of infections and deaths at our facility.  Our website ( and the COVID-19 Status Hotline number below serves to alert family members to any new COVID-19 related bereavements and any test positive cases (resident and staff) at our facility.   Authorized family members and guardians of residents who DO NOT have access to the internet may call the following phone number for a recorded status update.  COVID-19 Weekly Status Hotline: 1-585-271-1772, Ext. 3085.  This information is updated on a weekly basis.

We understand these are unsettling times and we want to reassure you that we are taking every necessary, mandated and precautionary action to minimize the risk to our residents and staff and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.



~Anne Gallese