Dear Family, Health Care Proxy, Responsible Party,

The Long Term Care Industry is rapidly preparing for the deployment of the COVID-19 Vaccine and our pharmacy partner, HealthDirect Pharmacy Services, will be supporting Kirkhaven in managing through on-site vaccination clinics.  These clinics are expected to start by the end of 2020 and extend into 2021.

The vaccines will be administered by trained, licensed professionals (to include Pharmacists and Registered Nurses) and will be closely monitored by clinical leadership from both our organization as well as HealthDirect.

We are contacting you today to inform you that in coming days, we will be reaching out to request your consent to provide this vaccine to your loved-one.  The purpose of this, is that everyone receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is required by law to have, on file, signed (or documented verbal) evidence of informed-consent being provided.  This consent must be obtained before a vaccine can be given to an individual.

Pfizer and Moderna are going to be the first two products receiving approval from the Federal Government – you will know which product your loved-one will receive in advance of giving consent.  At the current time, these vaccines are not required or mandatory, so you are not obligated to give consent.  We do ask that you strongly consider this option however, given the limited supply of the vaccine in these early months.

Because the vaccine clinic deployment is expected to occur rapidly, we are asking that you take careful, but urgent consideration of this so we can expeditiously get our community immunized.

The consent documents will be made available upon final Emergency Use Authorization by the Federal Government, and once the pharmaceutical manufacturers’ individual drug-information is formally published.  We will share these documents as soon as they are We understand that you may have questions about the vaccines, for that reason we are sharing the CDC website links below to help answer some of your questions. You may also email questions about the vaccine or vaccination process to



CDC- Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines

CDC- Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

CDC- FAQs about COVID-19 Vaccination