June 4, 2020- Update to Families

In an endeavor to maintain total transparency and to comply with the most recent Federal and NY State mandates, we will continue to post general information related to any new positive COVID-19 resident and staff cases, or if any resident suffers a COVID-19 related death and if there is a cluster of 3 or more residents and/or staff with new onset of respiratory symptoms within 72 hours of each other.  Along with this data we will provide any related information on mitigating actions implemented to prevent or reduce the risk of transmission, including if normal operation of the facility will be altered, or if we develop new or revised policies.  All of the above information will be provided in updates on our website. 

On Monday May 18th, Kirkhaven implemented a new policy for staff testing in accordance with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order No. 202.30, requiring COVID-19 testing of all facility personnel, including all employees, contract staff, medical staff, administrators and operators, for COVID-19, twice per week. 

  • 509 employee tests have been completed since Executive Order No. 202.30 was issued.
  • In the last 24 hours, we received positive results for COVID-19 for one employee who was tested on May 26th. The employee is asymptomatic and was sent home to self-quarantine.  The employee’s first test on May 21st was negative.
  • In compliance with the twice per week testing: the same employee was tested a third time on May 29th. We received results for the May 26th test (positive) and May 29th test (negative) on June 3rd. 
  • The NYS DOH guidance is conflicting. According to the latest guidance, asymptomatic employees are eligible to return to work after 14 days from the first positive test date and employees must test negative before returning to work. The employee has not yet returned to work pending results of a forth COVID-19 test.            
  • RESIDENT baseline test results conducted on May 29, 2020 are still pending.       

All four resident households of the building remain under quarantine, all employees/ approved visitors are universally wearing surgical masks and complying with all infection control policies and procedures and we continue to receive and utilize CDC recommended PPE though out our facility. 


~Anne Gallese CEO, Administrator