Long-Term Care

Kirkhaven is, first and foremost, a place where people live. We embrace a philosophy of person-centered care that empowers elders to direct the decisions that affect their day-to-day activities. We strive to create whole environments that retain flexibility, spontaneity and connection with the community.
Kirkhaven has a “neighborhood” approach to resident life, replacing many large group activities with small, intimate gatherings that promote real opportunities for socialization. Living at Kirkhaven has natural rhythms; for example, people eat at different times, and some are early-risers while others like to sleep in. The truth is, what makes one person happy and healthy is not the same as everybody else.
Our nursing staff provides 24-hour care based on an individualized care plan. Whenever possible, each resident is cared for by the same nurse and nursing assistants on a regular basis. This helps create close relationships. Residents appreciate the stability and familiarity, and staff gets to know each individual’s preferences and needs.
Person-centered care is better care. Our physicians are geriatricians who specialize in the care of seniors, and our therapists and social workers are also trained in the specific needs of seniors. In addition, prescription drugs, routine dental care, podiatry services, psychiatric consultations, vision care maintenance, ear-nose-throat care, and speech therapy are all available as necessary and prescribed by your primary physician.

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