Updated FAQs- April 17, 2020

The health and safety of our residents and staff remains our highest priority. Our goal is to continue to be as transparent as possible with information while maintaining the privacy rights of all of our residents and staff.

We understand that families and friends of our residents want to be kept updated and we are doing our very best to keep everyone informed. Please submit questions regarding our COVID-19 emergency management plan to COVID19info@kirkhaven.com. We will respond to your questions in our FAQ updates and in accordance with State and Federal laws.

We continue to partner with the Department of Health to implement every measure possible to stop the spread of COVID-19. The entire Kirkhaven team is focused on this enormous task and we remain committed to our mission and values as we safeguard and care for your loved ones and each other during these unprecedented times.

We respectfully ask for your continued understanding and support of these priorities. Our hearts go out to our residents, our staff and all friends and families who have been personally affected by this virus.

How frequently will information related to COVID-19 be communicated and to whom?
• When there is new information to share involving our services and/or organizational policy we will promptly communicate these updates on our website and also directly to resident representatives via the US Postal Service.
• We will continue to notify resident representatives of resident health changes in accordance with State and Federal regulations and our notification of status change policy.
• We will not be providing all residents and families with updates on every new positive case of COVID-19 as we must continue to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

How are you isolating positive COVID-19 cases at Kirkhaven?
• When the first positive case was identified, we proactively quarantined all four households of our building as an additional precaution, ahead of Department of Health recommendations. A quarantine separates residents to their rooms and restricts their movement internally to the household. All residents were given facemasks to wear when in the presence of staff or when they had to leave their room.
• Movement into and out of our building was restricted two weeks prior to the first case identified. Communal dining and activities were also canceled at that time.
• We have isolated positive COVID-19 cases to the 4th and 5th households of our building.
• Any resident who exhibits symptoms suspect of COVID-19 is placed on standard plus contact and droplet precautions, assessed by our medical team, COVID-19 testing is done and results are reported to NYSDOH, per their guidelines.
• All staff working on all households are wearing CDC recommended personal protective equipment (PPE): gowns, gloves, masks and face-shields.

Does Kirkhaven have adequate staffing?
• Yes, we have maintained adequate staffing and continue to recruit and hire licensed professionals, certified direct care and support staff. Employment applications are accepted on-line at khrecruiter@seniorsfirst.com.
• Our clinical leaders are working alongside our direct care team members to help balance workloads. Additionally, a number office staff and support service associates who are trained in providing direct care are willingly adjusting their work schedules and accepting alternate responsibilities providing direct care.
• We are appreciative of the consistent support we are receiving from our contract partners in the greater Rochester community.

How are staff being supported and appreciated?
• We are so very Thankful for our Kirkhaven families and professional contract partners as they have been of great support to all our staff! We have received several meals, snacks/ treats delivered for dayshift and after-hours staff members. The kind words of appreciation and generosity of families and our community partners has been a great source of inspiration.

Do you have the necessary support and enough supplies to protect residents and staff?
• Currently, we have an adequate inventory on hand of PPE, cleaning and disinfecting supplies, with ordering and deliveries occurring as needed. Staff are NOT sharing PPE.
• We are providing ongoing education to staff on how to properly select and utilize PPE and how to safely remove PPE per the CDC guidelines.
• Residents are assisted with frequent hand hygiene and with applying and wearing face-masks (as tolerated) and in accordance with our universal masking policy.
• Hand washing supplies and/or alcohol-based hand sanitizer is readily available in all resident rooms and common areas for use by residents, staff and approved visitors.

What specific steps have been taken to protect the residents and staff at Kirkhaven?
• Universal masking policies are in place – ALL employees and visitors MUST wear masks.
• Restricted access to our building and mandatory health screenings for respiratory symptoms and temperature reading for anyone who enters, including staff.
• ALL staff caring for and interacting directly with residents are wearing CDC recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
• ALL Housekeeping and Environmental Service team members are wearing CDC recommended PPE and working together to increase the frequency of disinfecting resident rooms, common areas and all high use areas.

Are residents safe at Kirkhaven? And how often are residents being checked on?
• We assure you we are taking every necessary, mandated and precautionary action to prevent/reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to minimize the risk to our residents and staff.
• Close monitoring helps detect spread of infection more rapidly. All residents are closely monitored at least once every shift and more frequently based on medical diagnosis and nursing care needs. Monitoring includes a symptom check (such as fever, or respiratory systems and atypical symptoms such as new or worsening malaise, altered mental status, new dizziness, diarrhea, or sore throat), temperature check at minimum; other vital signs, lung auscultation, and pulse oximetry may also be included in the assessment.

How are you addressing residents’ social and emotional needs?
• In lieu of visits, we are offering alternative means of communication for people who would otherwise visit, such as virtual communications (phone, video-communications). Please reach out to your primary Social Worker or Nurse Manager if you’re interested in scheduling a tele-visit.
• Our Social Workers and Life Enrichment staff continue to provide supportive visits and reassurance to all of our residents.
• We are attempting to do whatever 1:1 activities we can to raise the spirits of the residents and maintain as much normalcy as possible under these trying circumstances.

What is the medical treatment for people affected by COVID-19 and how are Resident Rights being safeguarded?
• Resident rights are ALWAYS honored at Kirkhaven. Our clinical team has provided education and resources to residents and responsible parties about COVID-19, how to keep themselves safe, and what the facility is doing to keep them safe.
• Residents have the right to make advance directives concerning their medical treatment, including the right to create a Health Care Proxy, Living Will, and an order called “Do Not Resuscitate” under public health law.
• Residents and their designated representatives have the right to be informed in advance of the risks/benefits of proposed care, treatment and treatment alternatives/options and the right to choose the same. Residents have the right to request, refuse, or discontinue treatment and the right to refuse/participate in experimental research.
• There is no specific medicine to prevent or treat COVID-19. People infected with COVID-19 receive supportive care to help relieve symptoms and are given medicines and treatment for pain, fever, and coughs. For severe cases of COVID-19, treatment includes support for vital organ functions.

Are residents still able to receive mail deliveries and gifts?
• Yes, experts believe there is little or no risk of COVID-19 from shipped products or packages. The risk of catching COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperatures is believed to be low.
• Packages can be mailed to 254 Alexander Street or personally delivered to our main entrance. If personally delivering a gift package, please be sure to clearly label the package and call the receptionist at 585-461-1991 prior to delivery; as individuals delivering packages will not be granted access to the building and must ring the doorbell and leave packages outside at the door. Personal deliveries will not be accepted after 6pm.