Dear Residents, Families and Friends of Kirkhaven,

As you know from our latest update on October 19th, all residents were tested initially upon the identification of a positive staff member, and then again every three (3) to seven (7) days for a fourteen (14) day period.  We are pleased to inform you that we have completed the second round of testing of residents and staff and all results are negative for COVID-19.  The quarantine precautions have been lifted on the 2nd household and routine testing of all staff continues on a weekly basis in accordance with NY State DOH guidelines.

At this time we have met the criteria for reopening in-person visitation in accordance with our visitation policy.  In-person visitation resumes November 4th.  Please reference the attached fact sheet for visitation requirements and scheduling instructions.  This information is also available on our website.

We will continue to update residents, authorized family members and guardians once per week on the number of infections and deaths at our facility.  Our website ( and the COVID-19 Status Hotline number below serves to alert family members to any new COVID-19 related bereavements and any test positive cases (resident and staff) at our facility.   Authorized family members and guardians of residents who DO NOT have access to the internet may call the following phone number for a recorded status update.  COVID-19 Weekly Status Hotline: 1-585-271-1772, Ext. 3085.  This information is updated on a weekly basis.