April 21, 2020- Update for Families and Staff

Kirkhaven, like many other Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) in the Rochester area, across NY State and throughout the United States has been directly impacted by the Coronavirus, COVID-19 with both staff and resident cases identified to date. 

New information released by the state health department on April 18th reports 3,425 residents of New York State nursing homes or adult care facilities have died because of COVID-19.  That represents nearly 25% of the state’s COVID-19 deaths.

The health, safety and respect for privacy of our residents and staff remains our highest priority. We will continue to be as transparent as possible with our residents, families and staff, as we have done from the beginning. In every case of a new positive test result for COVID-19, or any change in a resident’s condition or treatment we will contact by phone those responsible parties of the resident directly affected.  In addition, so as to comply with Governor Cuomo’s newest Executive Order, we will continue to keep the lines of communication with residents and families open to the best of our abilities by promptly posting general information related to any positive COVID-19 cases, or if any resident suffers a COVID-19 related death, along with communications, resources and new or revised policies on our website.

Nursing homes are some of the most vulnerable communal living environments facing coronavirus, with some of the most-at risk people.  According to Monroe County Public Health Commissioner Michael Mendoza, 30% of confirmed cases and 85% of deaths have been people 75 or older.  We continue to partner closely with the State Department of Health and have implemented every measure possible to stop the spread of COVID-19.  Unfortunately however, without a vaccine there is no full proof way to stop the spread. The entire Kirkhaven team remains focused on this enormous task and remains committed to our mission and values as we safeguard and care for your loved ones and each other during these unprecedented times.   

As of today, 9 Kirkhaven employees are positive for COVID-19 and we have isolated 22 COVID-19 positive resident cases on two of our households.  Furthermore, it is heartbreaking to announce that we are mourning the loss of 13 residents who were confirmed to have died of COVID-19 and 2 residents who are presumed to have died of COVID-19 at our facility since March 31, 2020.  There is great sadness in our Home as we warmly sympathize with families who have lost their loved ones to this horrific disease. Our hearts are with our employees and residents battling COVID-19 as we support their full recovery.       

~Anne Gallese, CEO/Administrator