Frequently Asked Questions

about Seniorsfirst


What is Seniorsfirst?

Seniorsfirst is a not-for-profit, faith-based, senior services organization that is the parent corporation of Kirkhaven. Seniorsfirst provides corporate support leadership to Kirkhaven in addition to providing financial support through the Seniorsfirst Foundation to help further Kirkhaven’s mission.

How long has Seniorsfirst operated?

Seniorsfirst was formed in 1999 when an affiliation was formed between Kirkhaven (a skilled nursing facility) and Valley Manor (an independent & assisted living facility). In August of 2014, a subsequent restructuring resulted in Valley Manor no longer being affiliated with Seniorsfirst.

Seniorsfirst Foundation manages total assets of $3 million.

Is Seniorsfirst a religious organization?

Although Kirkhaven was originally established by, and continues an affiliation with, the Presbytery of the Genesee Valley, Seniorsfirst prides itself on its diversity and openness to people of all faith.

What is the Seniorsfirst Mission?

Seniorsfirst is committed to providing the best possible combination of professional care and compassion to seniors. Our resources empower seniors to remain active, independent and engaged throughout their later years of life.

What are the benefits of choosing a not-for-profit senior community or service?

As a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation, Seniorsfirst qualifies as a charitable organization for tax-deductible donations under IRS regulations and is exempt from taxes. This allows Kirkhaven to operate with a 75% Medicaid census without compromising the quality of care provided. It also allows us to sustain much-needed affordable services for low-to-moderate income families. Any and all surpluses from Seniorsfirst are funneled back into the organization, allowing us to keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of the senior community.

How does the Seniorsfirst Foundation serve seniors?

In addition to Seniorsfirst and our Kirkhaven community, the Foundation strives to educate the public, raise the standard of care throughout the community and encourage quality of life to seniors of every economic stratum.

How can I contribute to the Seniorsfirst Foundation?

There are a variety of donation instruments in place to benefit specific or general initiatives related to our Kirkhaven community. Donations can also be made online at Our facilities gratefully accept volunteers, interns and in-kind donations.

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