Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care at Kirkhaven

One of the first facilities in Rochester to develop a center exclusively for the special needs of seniors with dementia and memory impairment, Kirkhaven maintains a staff trained in and solely dedicated to dementia care. Kirkhaven embraces Person-centered Care, where the residents’ needs and desires are always part of health care decisions. Everything about the Hart Taylor Special Care Center is designed to foster comfortable and familiar life experiences that emphasize recognition, respect and trust.

Visitors to Kirkhaven’s Special Care Center often tell us it is not what they expected. Old philosophies based on routines and staff needs have been replaced with greater independence and flexibility for the residents. For example, people with dementia often wander. In the past, the answer was to restrain them “for their own safety.” At Kirkhaven, we have a wandering loop that allows residents to roam in a safe, enclosed environment with stimulating points of interest along the way.


Although just a small example, it illustrates Kirkhaven’s commitment to ensuring our memory care residents live in an environment focused on compassion and quality of life.

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