Frequently Asked Questions

about Kirkhaven

How many residents live at Kirkhaven?

Kirkhaven is home to 147 residents, of whom approximately 10 are short-term rehabilitation patients living in our Transitional Care Center.

Is Kirkhaven affiliated with a particular hospital or continuum of care?

Kirkhaven is not officially affiliated with any hospital, however our staff physicians are associated with and maintain privileges at Rochester General Hospital (RGH). Kirkhaven is also a member of the Rochester Regional Health provider network associated with their ElderOne PACE program and Post Acute Network, as well as a partner with the United Healthcare Nursing Home Plan.

How do Kirkhaven’s costs compare to other local nursing homes?

As a not-for-profit, Kirkhaven provides exceptional value, channeling all proceeds from private pay, insurance reimbursement and fundraising efforts back into the quality of care and services for our residents. Our rates are competitive with other not-for-profits in the Rochester area.

What are your current rates for nursing care?

Rates are adjusted periodically, however the current room rates are as follows:

  • Private Pay Transitional Care: $460 per day plus 6.8% NYS Assessment
  • Non-Transitional Care: $430 per day plus 6.8% NYS Assessment
  • Non-Transitional Care Semi-Private: $415 per day plus 6.8% NYS Assessment
  • “Care and Supplies” includes:
    • room and board
    • meals
    • nursing care
    • maintenance therapy
    • routine supplies
    • laundry
    • recreation
    • social work services
    • pastoral care
    • PT, OT, Speech and Physician Care
    • audiology, podiatry and routine dental care

Can I get a private room?

Kirkhaven has 21 private rooms available for long term residents, and all of our transitional care rooms are private. Depending on your level of need, you may request that your application be held until a private room becomes available or you may accept shared accommodations and place your name on a waiting list and be transferred to a private room as soon as possible. Please note that Medicaid will not cover the cost of a private room or allow families to cover the difference in cost.

How do I apply for admission to Kirkhaven for myself or a loved one?

If you are coming from a hospital stay, your designated social worker or discharge planner will attend to most of the paperwork. You or a family member should call Shannon in our Admissions office and inform the discharge planner of your preference.If you are coming from home, you will need a current (within three months) PRI (Patient Instrument Review).

Our admissions coordinator or your family doctor can direct you to a medical consultant who processes PRIs; there is a fee. We will help you complete an application, which we will keep on file for one full year. If you are planning an elective surgery, you can designate Kirkhaven as your preferred rehab facility and complete many of the application processes in advance.

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 Kelley Cruise-Sheils, Admissions Coordinator (585) 461-1991, x3010