Activities & Events at Kirkhaven

A Household Approach to Recreation and Socialization

As part of our Pathways journey, our staff helps facilitate interactive, intimate groupings of 4 to 8 residents gathered in a home setting to visit and enjoy a common interest and activity. Each “household” within each “neighborhood” chooses and schedules its own weekly calendars of events, supported by the Therapeutic Recreation Assistants. Members of a household may from time to time join with other households to attend a concert or holiday party, but the emphasis is on natural socialization that truly enriches a person’s daily life

As always, the family and friends of Kirkhaven residents are welcome to participate in the households, join us for meals and visit at anytime! Check with the staff for a current copy of each household’s calendar.

What is Recreation?

Recreation is much more than a game or concert. Recreation is all the joyous, interesting, creative and meaningful activities that express the heart and soul of the individual. Baking cookies…going for a walk…talking with a friend…working on a project—some of the most seemingly mundane activities can unexpectedly blossom into an irreplaceable memory when it isn’t scripted.

Each household plans and manages its own activities, doing what works for them. Recreation staff are part of the households, and over time recreation integrates into all the daily activities of the household…just like “real life”.

Music Therapy

Unlike musical entertainment where an audience sits and listens, music therapy is interactive. Participants in a music therapy session may play instruments, improvise, reminisce, write songs, or sing.

Music therapy has been shown to promote cognitive stimulation; promote wellness; help individuals express feelings verbally and non-verbally, improve communication skills, decrease depression and perception of pain; and increase self-esteem. Individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia, who may appear nonverbal, often sing songs learned many years ago.

infoFor additional information about Kirkhaven’s therapeutic recreation programming, call:
Gwen DeBack (585) 461-1991, x3034