March 26, 2020- To Staff

Dear Kirkhaven Employees,

To begin, I want to whole-heartedly acknowledge and personally express my sincere appreciation to all Kirkhaven employees (including our contract partners) for the outstanding commitment you continue to show during these very challenging times.  The unwavering strength and compassion you bring to our residents and to your fellow employees is heartwarming and a great source of inspiration to all. 

The size and scale of the COVID-19 pandemic is undeniably testing us as this dynamic situation changes at an increasing pace.  Over the last several weeks, we have come together in extraordinary ways to prepare.  There is no instruction manual for what to do or for how to feel during times like these.  Understandably, this causes stress and worry for everyone, at work and at home.  My list of worries right now, like yours is long: from my own family and friends to the safety of all of you and our residents. 

The work you are doing here is significant.  Each and every one of you brings special gifts, talents, knowledge and strengths that are essential to the services we deliver as an organization.  I am humbled and grateful for your presence. We’ve overcome challenges before and we’re going to confront and tackle this one too.  The only way we get through this, is together.

As you are aware, our emergency plan is evolving on a daily basis.  I will do my best to keep you informed as changes occur.  If you have a question or concern regarding your work here at Kirkhaven or have a family matter we may be able to assist you with, please do not hesitate to call on me or our human resources department. 

Please be safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Warm Regards,

~Anne Gallese, CEO/Administrator